PISA Soccer: Everything You Need to Know About It

What is PISA? What Does the PISA Offer?

Ever wanted to play soccer, learn more about soccer skills, or improve your soccer skills? Then come on down to PISA soccer! PISA (stands for Pleasure Island Soccer Association) is a non-profit organization that teaches soccer skills to both children and adults alike. Located in Carolina Beach, North Carolina, PISA soccer has a range of activities for all age groups. These activities include:

Recreation League: Ages 3-18

PISA Academy: Ages 8-14

Hurricanes: Ages 13-18

Sand Soccer Tournament: Located at Fort Fisher each spring, available for all ages

Each of these has their description of what they are all about. The Recreation League is a good start for both new players or experienced players in soccer. The teams are divided by gender. For more advanced players, the PISA Academy offers improvement in soccer skills for players interested in getting to the next level. Hurricanes is a name of an activity that highlights the top players of soccer and PISA’s very best players. These teams can play up to 4 or 5 tournaments and in four different states in the US which include North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia. It’s a good opportunity for players who like to travel. Last but not least is the Sand Soccer Tournament, a tournament that is held during spring. If you want to join the tournament, you can be an individual player or a player that is part of the U.S. Soccer Federation. You also need proof of age and a waiver to join this tournament.

How Do I Enter the PISA?

The best thing about PISA, unlike other soccer leagues, is that it has low registration fees for each of the activities. The Recreation League is the only one where you need money (5 dollars). If you want to register for any of these events, you need to go onto the PISA official website which you can find here: https://www.pleasureislandsoccer.com/hurricanes-elite.html Here, they have applications for players and coaches. So if you want to be a coach for a team, you can sign up here. Each of the registrations is different for each activity. If you are wondering if you need to bring a uniform to participate, you don’t have to worry because PISA offers jerseys to children.

Why PISA is the Best?

PISA soccer is also great because they help/provide schools, organizations, and players with soccer-related equipment without using public funds or taxpayers. They do it all through responsible budgeting and staying true to their mission statement. PISA soccer provides soccer players who enter their events a player scholarship and they donate balls, goals, uniforms, and nets to schools and community organizations. If you want to know more about how they help schools and organizations, go onto their community service page to learn more. PISA soccer is the best for soccer players because they provide events for all ages with the low registration fee, help improve soccer skills, and help schools and organizations with soccer equipment.

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