The Highlight Of The Day -Typing to Learn

The most significant way of introducing your child to the digital world

In the middle of the school, the favourite activity of every kid has been the typing games. It was the start of children’s keyboard life. These activities are essential to help the children learn how to type proficiently, develop string keyboard life, and read and listen actively. It is usually introduced to the first graders in the school.

It is a state of excitement for all the students as they get a chance to finally use and learn on those rows of old desktop computers. Each student is provided with a set of unique information to log on to specific software. The online typing games create a competition among the students. This competition is based on speed parameters. Whoever is on the furthest level is the smartest in this competition. Every student is challenged. Therefore, they have to memorize the keys of the keyboard as if that is their favourite song.

It is considered as a discouraging game by some of the students, while for the other it is mostly the most enjoyable and fun practice which help them develop multitasking skills. It does not only help with the development of fast and efficient typing skills, but it also helps in sharpening the active reading skills during middle school, high school, college, and even at the employment level. Some of the employers have added proficient typing skills as the critical skills that a candidate must have. Thus the typing games have significance in the personal as well as professional life.

Some researched facts about typing practices 

Through regular typing practice, there are several essential skills and benefits that a student develops in his personal as well as professional life. We have gone through a multitude of researches. And we have gathered some critical benefits of these practices which are backed up by some well-known researchers in the field of education and self-improvement.

Digital literacy and multitasking

It is the most researched fact about the typing practices which are supervised during the era of middle school. According to Lisa Nielsen, all the students find these practice fun at the first glimpse. However, they find it annoying because the same task is being repeated over and over again. She also emphasized that these educational practices help young ones develop digital literacy and multitasking skills.

These multitasking skills are helpful for the child in various aspects of his life. Skills such as active reading and active listening can help a person achieve distinct success levels. She also stated that these practices could help these young ones in the development of better eye and hand coordination. Thus, it accelerates the digital engagement and proficiency in a person.

Neurological advancements

As discussed previously, the typing games can help a person develop hand and eye coordination. This coordination can result in the creation of significant neurological improvements. These advancements can influence a person’s overall capacity to multitask in the future as well.

Letter recognition

Letter recognition is the crucial benefit of typing practices that are done on a desktop or a laptop. A person has to memorize the letters to reach the furthest level. If a person did not remember the notes, his typing speed would remain consistent, and he would not reach the next level of the typing games. A critical factor that needs to consider while he is practising any game like these is that the typing speed does not only depends on your level of multitasking, letter recognition, and better coordination. It also depends on the type of keyboard you are using.

Self-improvement skills

Creating harnessing and self-improvement are the key benefits of these typing practices, which are supervised at the middle school level. It can help improve the degree of creativity in the young ones. Parents also suppress some of these practices. Specific exercises are also maintained in the schools by the teachers. It helps improve the overall creativity of a child.

Constructive competition 

The typing practices help improve a student’s capability through constructive competition. In a typing class, if you are not the fastest, you are not the smartest. Thus, instead of spending time on social sites, the students work on their capacity to type on the desktop, therefore, improving their digital skills. Individual schools also announce prizes for the students who have reached the farthest level to motivate other students to perform well.

Mind enrichment

These activities can help a student to identify and distinguish between letters and numbers. They help in the identification of the phrase and memorization of spellings. The regular academic practices of these games can help improve and enrich the mind of the student provided the student practices them daily. Some of these games come with excellent graphics, colors, and background music. These can help improve the visual and auditory skills in youngsters.

Discussion about the topic

The typing games nowadays come in a wide variety and are mostly available on online gaming websites. These modern gaming websites have all the categories of typing games ranging from regular car racing to certain high-speed racing games that are available for both the genders. These games are fun to play, but they do not add much to skill development. The games which are focused on skill development are quite different

There are only a few people who will try to play these skill development games and team through them. These games are mostly free or very less in cost and provide satisfactory regular updates for the children, women, and the aged people who can play them and learn from them. These games have a distinct quality that people get addicted to them. A complete set of information regarding how to play the game is mostly provided with these games. This helps people play them with pleasure and clarification. It helps build trust and confidence in a human being. The clear instructions can help, even beginners, to play these games in a better and competitive manner.


In the 21st century, all the education systems are accessed through an online platform, which vitalizes the importance of digital literacy. Digital literacy cannot be achieved without knowing the fundamentals of typing. The world today is digital, and if we do not add more to the digital skills of the young ones, we are limiting their competitiveness for a lifetime.

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