Best Card Games You Won’t Miss

We’re going over my personal top 3 best card games of all time. These games you can play anytime anywhere and with any deck of cards as I said before. This is my list. I played games with my friends and family throughout my youth. But I understand there are a plethora of games out there so if you have any awesome card games that you think I left up this list; please be sure to comment them below, because I would always love to learn anew card game. 


let’s get into the list starting it off at number 3. we have BS commonly referred to as baloney bible-study bull crap or both; it’s a standard stock market term referring to raising prices. It’s just meant to be funny, but fine, stop doing it anyway, you can play this game with 3 to 6 players, ten maximum but the ideal range is 3 to 6, the name of the game is lying, you deal out the cards evenly from here. An ace of spades is put in the middle and then counterclockwise or clockwise. Each player has to put the next card down in order, so if this person puts an ace, the next person puts 2, next person puts 3. Soon you have to put the card that is required, but obviously as the circle goes around, the time will come when you do not have the card required that you need to put down, this is why you put the cards down face down and at this point, you have to lie and say you’re putting down for us when you’re putting down a seven and an eight, this is why the game is called BS. The game aims to get rid of all your cards and to do you’re going to have to lie a time or two now.

Since you’re bluffing, I would recommend wearing sunglasses, because the truth is in the eyes. I’m kidding.But since there are only four of each card. There is a lot of strategies involved, when you’re lying or when you’re calling someone else on a lie. That’s right if you put down cards in your line and someone calls BS on you, you have to take out all the cars that I’ve stocked out in the centre, however, if you call someone out online. They were telling the truth, you have to take all the cards, having a good bluff is critical for this game, but you also need to tact to assess the risk of calling someone else out on their bluff. 


at number 2, we have Kemp’s, a personal favourite of mine. Four to ten players are recommended, and it is required that you have an even number of players. Each player is dealt four cards, and the goal of the game is to acquire four of a kind through a live trading system, that you see here on the table. This trading has no turns. It is just fast-paced, switching out one card at a time. Eventually, these four cards will become dead, no one will want them anymore, so you push them to the side, and take the extra power of cards and look down for more, this keeps happening until a player gets four of a kind, this is where it gets different because you’re required to have an even amount of players. Each player has a partner, and once you get four of a kind your partner has to call kemp’s signifying your victory. 

But how do they know that you have four of a kind, that’s where your signal comes in before the game, go aside with your partner and come up with your victory signal, the rules about the signal is that it can not be audible anyway. It has to be some move mentor visual cue. Here’s the thing, it has to be obvious enough that your partner well focusing on trading, sees it happens and can call big leery double Kemp’s, so subtle enough where the other people playing don’t notice you doing a signal because if someone else sees you’re doing the signal, they can call by saying call and if you have four of a kind, they win, trust me this game gets really fun when you finally pick up on that opposing team signal and finally call them out on it, it’s a great feeling, it’s also excellent when you have a completely discreet and invisible signal that everyone is left, guessing as to what it could be great game, I love Kemp’s.


at number 1 is speed, this game can only be played with two players, but it is a lot of fun and definitely lives up to his name, the cards are dealt out as such to face up in the middle, three face down on each side of that and the rest of the deck is dealt in between the team players from there, a player takes a hand of five cards from their respective tiles, after this it’s free game, your goal is to get rid of your pile of cards as quickly as possible. You get rid of your cards by putting down your card on top of them to face up piles the catch is you can only put down a card on top of the card, that is one higher or one lower, so if it’s a seven, you can only put down an eight or a six once that cars down, so let’s say you put down on eight, you can only put a seven or nine, this all happens super fast, it’s all about how quickly you can diagnose which card goes, where you can only have five cards in your hand at a time and replace them with your pile, if no one can move, that’s what the cars on the side are, you flip them over, and you keep playing until one person is out. The more you play this game, the faster you’ll get at it, and you’ll see why it’s called Lightning McQueen speed.

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